Discover the Best Kept College and Graduate Admissions Secret!

  •  Academe Curriculum: created by a Harvard graduate with a masters in education
  •  Individual Approach: custom plans focused on unique student strengths/weaknesses
  •  Option for Gender Specific Focus: only test prep program offering gender specific plans
  •  Review by Committee: option for college admissions materials to be read and reviewed by a
    committee of former college admissions professionals versus a single professional opinion
  •  Combination Packages: single source for college consulting and test preparation
  •  International Advising: specialized, non-biased admission and application advice for
    international students applying to US schools
Application Assessment
  •  Helping develop a list with students of colleges and graduate schools to apply
  •  Assisting in refining all aspects of college and graduate applications
  •  Helping to develop and perfect the college or graduate essay   
Standardized Test Preparation
  •  Expert Test Preparation for the SAT, SAT II, ACT, GMAT, GRE and LSAT
  •  Customers of Academe Advantage typically improve their SAT scores 200 - 400 points!
Admissions Counseling        
  •  Giving interview strategies for college interviews and visits
  •  Consulting with students and parents to assess college goal
  •  Advising on high school course selection and assessing academic transcripts
  •  Motivating students to do well in school and set academic goals
  •  Advising students on participating in different extracurricular activities
  •  Providing guidance on summer programs, internships, and volunteer opportunities
  •  Giving guidelines for receiving the best recommendations  
  •  Counseling for international students applying to US schools  
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