Sam M.
Alana tutored me for the SAT Reasoning Test for approximately 6-7 months. I started out with a
score of 1370 and after my sessions with Alana my score boosted to 1800. No tutoring company
or tutor can raise a students score 430 points in that time period.
I had private tutoring with
many other tutors but no tutor was as helpful as Alana. When I started my SAT preparation I
never thought I would get the score I desired. After I met Alana my hopes increased and I
finally achieved my goals.
I also did private tutoring with Alana in regards to the Mathematics Level 2c for the subject
Before meeting with Alana, my score was 450. After about 6 weeks of tutoring I was able to
receive a score of 620 which was more than I desired in that time period.
Thank you very much
Alana for your help and good luck.
Elie E.
Alana began tutoring me at the beginning of my junior year after a friend had
recommended her services.  
My PSAT score was 1120 and after several months I was able to
raise my score to a 1400.
 We worked for an hour once a week, studying the tests from
previous years and reviewing my weaknesses with the test.  On top of the weekly meetings, I
also did independent work that she assigned.  I think the combination of weekly meetings
and assignments helped to raise my score significantly.  I also worked with Alana on the SAT II,
I had no previous scores of comparison, but my practice score tests improved with each
meeting and were comparable to the actual results.  Alana is also a great source of support
during applications; she helped me with my personal statements as well as scholarships.  I am
currently a freshman at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California.
MacKenzie L.
Alana helped me increase my GMAT score by 80 points and I know if I would have had more
time I would have done even better.
On the quantitative(math) I went from the 27%
percentile to the 67%, on the analytical writing section I went from the 55% to the 87%, and
overall I went from the 58% to the 80%.   I took the first test after doing a group class at USD
but really didn't feel prepared for the test but wanted to take it anyway.  After I received my
decent score I knew I had to do something else if I wanted to get into one of the top 10
Graduate Business School programs in the US.  So I started by going back to USD when they
said they had a new teacher and this is when I first met Alana.  She had a lot to offer outside
of test prep which included information and suggestions on college applications and how
the application process really works.  I knew she could help me when I heard her personal
story and the years of experience she had.  I have always struggled with standardized tests
and knew it required a lot of preparation.  I had tried to study on my own but I didn't feel like I
was making the progress I needed to get the score I wanted.  With little time to do the
homework during her large class lesson at USD I signed up for her smaller group class she
offered after.  There were three of us in the class and we met twice a week for 2.5 hours.  It
was a great opportunity to ask her questions and work with the other students to learn new
ways to figure out problems and remember the quick tricks.  I preferred the small group as I
felt more comfortable asking questions and reworking problems.  Our small group class was
only a month as I had to take the test and I know with another month on my own I would
have done even better as Alana gave me the foundation to figuring out how to take the
GMAT.  I highly recommend Alana as she is very upbeat and very passionate about helping
students beat the GMAT and any other standardized tests.  To do well on these tests you need
preparation and most people don't have the time or the commitment to put forth what is
really needed to excel on these tests.  I know I will also use Alana for help on my college essays
and applications as well as any suggestions I need for how to get into the programs I want.  

Thank you Alana as the GMAT is detrimental to where I go to school and where my life will go
from there.  Although I have yet to apply to the two programs I have narrowed it down to I
have full confidence I am now better qualified to be admitted.
Kait B.
I have always been a dedicated student, however I have never been very good at
standardized tests. I had a 4.2 GPA but my SAT scores didn't match.  Alana was able to give
me one on one tutoring that applied to my personality and study habits.  application process
from deciding which colleges would be the best fit for me, to essay suggestions and editing.  I
was accepted at several UC schools, Cal Poly, and Pepperdine, and was offered a Trustee
Merit Scholarship from University of San Diego and a Provost's Merit Scholarship from
Chapman University.  I chose to go to UCSB where I am in the Computer Science Honors
program.  Thank you Alana, I couldn't have done it without you!
David T.
Alana gives the best advice for students who are involved in the college application process.
She knows what Admissions Committees want and helped me formulate my essay ideas, as
well as edit my completed products. Alana also provided me with excellent SAT preparation
techniques and strategies that proved to be incredibly helpful.
I tried formal prep. classes and
other private tutors, but Alana's test-taking tips and hints raised my SAT I score by almost 100
I know that this score and the quality of my essays put me into a higher tier of schools
when it came time for college acceptance letters
to be sent. I was accepted at 12 out of 14 schools to which I applied, including UCLA, USC,
UC-Davis, and UCSB. Based on my academic achievement, test scores, and application
essays, I was also offered a full scholarship and entrance into the President's Scholars Program
at CSU-Fullerton and the highest level of merit scholarship money available to out-of-state
students as well as entrance to the Barrett Honors College at ASU. I decided to attend the
University of Colorado at Boulder where I receive a Chancellor's Achievement Merit
Scholarship and am a Norlin Scholar. I highly recommend Alana to anyone who is applying to
college as it is fiercely competitive. She really knows about college admissions tests and what
the Admissions Committees want to see on an application.
Sincerely, David Thayer
Andrew L.
Dear Alana,
Today Andrew was accepted at NYU!!! He's also gotten into Miami and Syracuse, in terms of
conservatories that he's interested in! He is elated! Still haven't heard from Carnegie Melon,
but that's the only school left that he cares about. He is ELATED and we are SO grateful to you!
You were the best investment we made, in terms of getting in, scholarship money (he's gotten a
lot for academic achievement and we know it's not due to grades!) and peace in our house.
We miss you. If you put up a web site, we want to write about how wonderful you are.
Erica R.
Alana began tutoring me for the SAT I the end of my sophomore year.  From the first time I met
her, I knew I was in good hands due to her eagerness to help me and her knowledge
regarding the test.  
What made Alana different from other tutors I had worked with was her
acute observation of my learning habits.
 She broke down difficult problems into simple, easy
to understand steps.  She pointed out many helpful hints and shortcuts which made me a
faster, more precise test taker.  Alana targeted my weaknesses and did not waste time going
over topics I already knew.  
With her help, I raised my SAT I score over 300 points and was very
satisfied with my SAT II scores.
 Not only was Alana valuable to my testing scores, she helped
me deal with the stress and confusion of applying to college.  Without her great advice, I
would have been completely lost in the whole college process.  Now I am looking forward to
attending U.C. Berkeley thanks to Alana's help.
Brad A.
Alana tutored me for several months starting the summer before my senior year through
October so I could improve my SAT Reasoning test scores, which were disappointing.  
I had a
4.1 grade point average, but a mediocre score of 1570 on the SAT test.  By mid-October I had a
score of 1830, and the best part was that my Math score improved from 560 to 700.
 By the end
of November I was admitted Early Decision to the School of Architecture and Environmental
Design at Cal Poly, which was my first choice!  I also got admitted to the honors programs of
the engineering colleges of both the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of
Arizona, with merit scholarships.   I never sent in my application to USC after I heard from Cal
Poly.  Alana helped me so much.  I would really recommend her to anyone starting their
college application process who wants to improve their SAT scores.                 
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Carrie B.
I began studying for the SAT with Alana in the Spring of my Junior year of high school. I was very
lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her because she helped me break the 2000 point
barrier, improving 200 points, from 1870 to 2070.
Alana’s enthusiastic and friendly attitude
made studying enjoyable.  She was able to explain even the most challenging concepts step-
by-step and in a way that I could understand. With practice, her strategies helped me use time
efficiently and logically narrow down the answer choices. Although we concentrated on math
as the area with greatest need for improvement, I ultimately achieved score increases in all
areas.  Alana’s sound and supportive techniques not only made me successful on the SAT but
also on the Math 2C and US History subject tests.  She also gave me valuable guidance to hone
and focus my college application essays for submission this past Fall. She is multi-talented and is
expert at helping her students realize their potential without heightening the stress of the
college process. I enthusiastically recommend her services to anyone who wants to become a
better test taker because, as long as one is willing to learn and is dedicated, success is