Discover the best kept college admissions secret!

Academe Advantage provides private college and admissions counseling, standardized test preparation and academic services to students and their families throughout Washington and California. Academe Advantage takes an individualized approach to guide students through all aspects of the standardized testing and college admissions process. 

Why choose Academe Advantage?

  • Academe Admissions Advising & Curriculum: created by a Harvard graduate with a masters in education
  • Individual Approach: custom plans focused on unique student strengths/weaknesses
  • Option for Gender Specific Focus: only test prep program offering gender specific plans
  • Review by Committee: option for college admissions materials to be read and reviewed by a committee of former college admissions professionals versus a single professional opinion
  • Combination Packages: single source for college consulting and test preparation

International Advising: specialized, non-biased admission and application advice for international students applying to US schools


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